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Life Noggin explores all the questions you might have asked yourself once or twice, and even questions you never even thought to ask. The series is hosted by the coolest 2D character around, Blocko, and it explores big ideas like “What If The Earth Doubled In Size?” to smaller inquiries like “Why Do We Itch?”. The show’s main focus is to educate, and motivate so you want to learn more. Whether you’re interested in science, art, technology, or just the world in general, Life Noggin has an episode for you!

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Play Noggin aims to answer questions in various fields of study by using some of your favorite video games! We believe that video games are first and foremost for playing, but they also contain a lot of information that we can learn from. Hosted by Julian Huget, Play Noggin is the perfect combo of science and gaming. Just think of us as your brain's player 2!

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Somewhere between superstars and super fans is a group of individuals that helped build a billion dollar online video industry. Internet Kids follows the next generation of YouTube creators as they attend VidCon. Most of the 26,000 attendees go in hopes of meeting their favorite internet stars. Meanwhile, creators from around the world unite and take their virtual friendships to the offline world. For them, VidCon isn’t a convention, it’s summer camp.